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Propylene glycol

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Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol


Propylene glycol (PG)


CAS No.: 57-55-6
Formula: C3H8O2                           
Structural formula:
  Propylene glycol

It is a colorless liquid with steady viscosity and good water absorption. It is nearly odorless, uninflammable and minutely toxic. Its molecular mass is 76.09.  Its viscosity (20oC), specific heat capacity (20oC) and latent heat of vaporization (101.3kpa) are respectively 60.5mpa.s, 2.49KJ/(kg. oC) and 711KJ/kg. It can be mixed and solved with alcohol, water and various organic agents.

PG is the raw material for preparing unsaturated polyester resin, antifreeze, etc.It is also a moisture preserving agent for tobacco, cosmetic, etc. Besides, it is a good solvent in coating, paints, and others.

Packing, Storage and Transportation:
It can be packed by ISO tank, galvanized iron drum(net weight 215kgs), plastic drum, IBC or flexitank, etc.
This product should be stored in cool and windy special warehouse far from fire and transported as a general chemical product.

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  • Building A, No.136 Zhuhai (E) Road, Qingdao, China
  • Tel:86-532-81168858
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